The Album is OUT ! and The Gazette is all over it

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Jamie O’Meara sat down at the Wunderbar,W Hotel Montreal with frontman Karim Terouz and lead guitarist Hubert Tremblay for an intense interview regarding the relevancy of ”Sinners on St-Laurent ” which is out today (25th of march 2014) with the local lifestyle and nightvibe! Read all about it here and

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The Art of The Rising Few…Free with ALBUM PRE-ORDER

12x12 print entitled : BusBoys (excerpt of ''Not this Time'')
Montreal’s The Rising few offer signed Illustrations by vocalist Karim Terouz with Pre-order of New Album ”Sinners on St-Laurent” Click this link for the lowdown!

Listen to the heartfelt CBC interview with Morgan Dunlop

On saturday morning (freakin’8am)…CBC aired a very geneuine interview with The Rising Few’s lead singer/songwritter Karim Terouz. Listen to it all over again and explore the humanistic side of this new artist’s point of perspective.
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